Levanda Grove, owned and operated by Dennis and Evol Angelatos, is an Alpaca and Olive Farm situated in the beautiful Blackwood Valley, just 4 km from Bridgetown.

Bridgetown is the only heritage listed town in the South West of Western Australia. The steep hills, the valleys, the tall forests and the longest flowing river in Western Australia all add to the charm of Bridgetown. It is therefore easy to understand why this picturesque town was chosen to establish Levanda Grove.

Our herd of alpacas enjoy the rocky outcrops on the property and happily graze among the olive trees and the cool climate of Bridgetown is particularly favourable for the growing of olives.

Our own Olive Press began operating in 2010 and the Oli-Paca Shed opened to visitors in April 2010.

Levanda Grove and the Oli-Paca Shed is open to visitors Friday to Monday 10:00am to 4:00pm, other times by appointment.

We welcome bus groups up to 25.  Bookings are essential.

Due the  nature of our winding driveway up a hill, larger coaches are not recommended.

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